EIS 2022: Good governance versus Corruption – Interdisciplinary Discussions

The European Institute of Socioeconomics organized an interdisciplinary conference on Good governance versus Corruption on September 15 and 16, 2022 at the Seminaris Hotel in Bad Honnef, Germany. The following speakers provided information on the following research topics in their presentation:


Fabien Ohl & Chien-Chun Tzeng Examining the fabrics of match-fixing: The underground sport betting system
Michael Koch Network corruption: The mesh of power in sport in Rhineland-Palatinate
Patrick Braeunig Accepted corruption: Appropriate levels of national artistic sports
Werner Pitsch (Un-)explained corruption: How theories to explain doping in elite sport fail in recreational sport
Lutz Thieme Designed neither for work nor for advocacy: „Permanent organization“ as an ideal type to understand the dynamics of sport organizations