The FAIR + Project


The European Commission recognises the importance of anti-doping in recreational sport, though the lack of cooperation between institutions and stakeholders risks letting doping in recreational  become a cause of public health concern. The FAIR+ project, a direct follow-up of the FAIR project, seeks to offer greater insight onto the prevalence of doping across recreational sport in Europe (learn more with EuropeActive’s information paper on doping in recreational sport). The FAIR+ project will do so through the following activities.


1.) To look into the existing prevalence of doping in recreational sport through a sample-based research, and investigate the societal and psychological motivations behind the use of doping at amateur level.

2.) To produce the FAIR+ Educational Guidelines that will provide several recommendations on how to implement effective educational campaigns targeting recreational sport coaches, instructors, and trainers, and which will look at providing indicators to assess impact. This work will be based on qualitative research performed with major doping stakeholders.

3.) To organise the annual Forum for Anti-Doping in Recreational Sport. The Forum has established itself as one of the most relevant European anti-doping events gathering experts, institutions and stakeholders to exchange on current policies and challenges. Since 2017, the Forum has contributed to raise policy-makers’ awareness of doping in recreational sport as a societal and public health concern, and it strives to foster further EU-level cooperation, networking and sharing of good practices and ideas.

Project Management