EIS 2022: Good governance versus Corruption – Interdisciplinary Discussions


The conference is planned for autumn 2022. News following soon!

The European Institute for Socio-Economics is organising an interdisciplinary conference on good governance versus corruption on 15th and 16th September 2022 at the Seminaris Hotel in Bad Honnef.

We were able to win Prof. Fabian Ohl as a speaker for the conference.

1. Adoption of the agenda
2. Adoption of the minutes of the last meeting
3. Report of the board and discharge
4. Elections
5. Rules of procedure of the EIS e.V. 
6. Secretariat and accounting of the EIS e.V.
7. Honorary membership for Eike Emrich
8. General meeting proposal for 2023: Date and place
9. Any other business

Contributions to the parallel sessions of the conference, we would appreciate presentations dealing with theoretical and empirical research on corruption and good governance in the state as well as in the private and social sectors, particularly in sports.

Among others, the following topics are of special interest:

  • Corruption in history – historical cases of corruption
  • Good Governance and corruption in institutions of various kind, e.g. commercial entities, governmental organizations, politics, scientific community, religious sphere sports and leisure clubs etc.
  • Determinants of corruption – promoting and impeding factors regarding organization type, organizational structure etc.
  • Consequences and impact of corruption with regard to the organization, its stakeholder and the society at large (i.a. concept of democracy, social and political trust, etc.).

The participation fee including accommodation and meals is:

  • when arriving on Sept., 11th and departure on Sept., 12th: € 80.00
  • when arriving on Sept., 10th and departure on Sept., 12th: € 160.00
  • For day guests: € 40.00 per day.

After a positive assessment, the lecturers’ extended abstracts are available for download here.
The downloads will be available from mid-August.

EIS 2022: Good governance versus Corruption - Interdisciplinary Discussions









The current situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic does not stop at our planned conference in autumn. At the current time, we cannot yet estimate exactly what the official requirements will be in September, for example with regard to distance regulations, group sizes or accommodation options. This could have an impact on the conference and we are developing strategies for this in advance. The following form is therefore not to be understood as a binding registration, but as an expression of interest. We are pleased about the lively interest and will come to the interested persons with more detailed information in the course of the preparations.

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